Health Benefits of AADIS Groundnut Oil

  • Delays Signs Of Aging:

    Applying peanut oil topically can offer anti-aging benefits. And this is where we talk about vitamin E once again. The antioxidant fights free radicals, which otherwise might accelerate aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Prevents Cancer:

    Higher level of Polyphenol Antioxidants presents in AADIS Groundnut Oil also decreases chances of developing cancer.

  • Lower Blood Pressure:

    Important element of "Resveratrol" presents in AADIS Groundnut Oil helps in decreasing blood pressure and reduces stress on the cardiovascular system.

  • Manage Cardiac Health:

    AADIS Groundnut Oil helps maintaining healthy balance of cholesterol levels. Mono-unsaturated fatty acids presents in AADIS Groundnut Oil increase "Good Cholesterol" or HDL in the Blood. It also lowers risk of  developing coronary heart diseases and strokes.

  •  Boosts  Hair  Growth:

    The vitamin E and other fats in the oil benefit your hair in more ways than one. The oil reduces protein loss from the hair and even thickens your tresses. It also moisturizes your split ends and regenerates damaged hair.

  • Prevents Cognitive Disorder:

    Multifunctional Antioxidants presents in AADIS Groundnut Oil helps in managing cognitive  disorders like Alzheimer's disease and Dementia.

  • Boosts Immune System:

    AADIS Groundnut Oil Instigate your system to better manage white blood cell production so your body remains in controlling foreign agents entering your body.

  •  Helps Treat Scalp Psoriasis:

    The antioxidants in peanut oil treat dandruff, and in some cases, can even aid the treatment of scalp psoriasis. This can also be attributed to the moisturizing properties of peanut oil.

  Originated in Peru and Brazil in South America. Groundnut is considered to be the finest source of nutrition in cooking oils. Extracted using World-Class Technology to retain pure parts of peanuts, Aadis Groundnut oil is exclusively made and popularly known for its health benefits including, Skin Care. Cholesterol control, improved your Heart's Health and Nervous System, etc.

AADIS Groundnut Oil also helps in Preventing Cancer boosts. Cognitive Function, strengthens the immune System, and lower Blood Pressure.

NUTRITIONAL FACTS ** Per Serving And Per 100gm

    % Daily Value
 Energy  882.0 Cal  
 Calories from fat  876.6 kcal  
 Total Protein  0.0g  0.0%
 Total Fatty acids  97.4g  150%
 PUFA  32.0g  -
 Saturated fatty acids  16.2g  81.0%
 MUFA  46.2g  -
 Trans fatty acids  0.0  -
 Cholesterol  0.0mg  0%
 Total Carbohydrates  0.0g  0%
 Dietary fiber  0.0g  0%
 Sugar  0.0g  -
 Iron  0.0mg  0.0%
 Sodium  0.3mg  0%
 Calcium  0.0mg  0%
 Calories  882.0 kcal  44%
 Vitamin D  454.2 IU  757%
 Vitamin A  2478.0 IU  165%