Health Benefits of AADIS Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Good for Skin Care & Healthy Looks: 

    AADIS Oil is the perfect source of daily moisturizing needs. It Smoothers skin and gives ample elasticity to skin pores to breath comfortably.

  • Boost Immune System: 

    Ample amount of "Lauric" acid in AADIS Oil helps in enhancing immunity.

  • Stabilize Heart Health:

     Presence of "Healthy Fat" in AADIS Oil is good for you heart and coronary functioning.

  • Instant Energy Provider: 

    Consumption of AADIS Oil in daily diet helps in improving energy level, provides nutrition support and is instant energy provider.

  • Beneficial of Thyroid Functioning:

    AADIS Oil helps in keeping a healthy balance of Thyroid Glands and Stabilizes Mood Swings.

  • Keeps You Slim & Health: 

    Boost metabolism. Regulate weight through promoting healthy eating habits.

  • Augment Cell Rejuvenation: 

    Enhanced metabolism helps in cell rejuvenation. Helping body to replace tired and dead cells with new and healthy ones.

  • Improves Insulin Secretion :

    AADIS Oil improves glucose level and insulin output in body. It essentially assists you in cardiac issues and helps prevents diabetes.

AADIS Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Apply Comprises Of Medium-chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) Which Is Considered To Be Health Boosters. Stable To Cook and Easy To Digest, The Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Comes Very Easy On Your Body System Compared To Other Edible Oils.

 The Fatty Acids Present In AADIS Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Gets Immediately Converted Into Energy unlike Being Stored In Your Body As Fat as Other Edible Oils. Rich in Fiber, Vitamins, And Minerals, AADIS Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Also Helps In Augmenting Your Body Metabolism and Is Highly Nutritious.

Nutrition Facts Per 100g approx                                                                                                    

 Energy  900 kCal
 Cholestrol  0g
 Transfat  0g
 Vitamine E  2.0mg
 Sodium  0mg
 Protien  0mg
 Saturated Fat  92g
 Lauric Acid  50.23g
 Capric Acid  6.43g
 Caprylic Acid  7.65g
 Marisatic Acid  19.10g
 Palmitic Acid  7.10g
 Stearic Acid  2.67g
 Mono unsaturated Fat                  7g                       
 Poly unsaturated Fat  1.45g